Field experience

  • Fast “down to the point” problem evaluation and solution proposal.
  • Experienced engineers and supervisors (20yr+).

Clear proposals

  • Non-biased layout of facts.
  • Alternative solutions to product performance.
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) evaluation.

Cost effective solutions

  • Cost/benefit evaluated alternatives to choose from.
  • Risk evaluation – quality component performance evaluation.

High product / solution performance

  • Low after sales budget (reduced product RMA).
  • High quality SMT on site operation.
  • IPC and ISO standard.
  • RoHS standard.

Queue lines reduction at repair shops

  • Repair personnel training and manuals for aftersales bring significant time reduction on equipment repairs.
  • 5S’s implementation (1) Sort, cleaning, classify; (2) Straighten, simplify, set in order, configure; (3) Sweep, sign, scrub, clean and check; (4) Standardize, stabilize, conformity, (5) Sustain, self-discipline, custom and practice.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

There is no clear definition of small project. We limit our services to projects where customers can justify the expense.

We have offices in Spain, Hong Kong SAR, China and Chile. We have a network of professionals that allow us to provide a worldwide service.

Yes, we can run finish product inspections. However, just to inspect at final stage is not the best option. We rather take a closer look at process so at production we are absolutely sure what to expect. Cost of rejecting finished products is very high to all parties involved.

We can control the outcome of production lines by controlling incoming components (IQC) at supplier, and/or ODM/OEM during actual assembly process.

Good question! This process is successfully done controlling all stages on product specification and qualification of components. We proud ourselves to do this effectively.

We can deliver effective manual for aftersales service. These manuals help our customers to have a faster response to issues and

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we also provide training to apply manuals correctly.

Uff! This can be tricky. Success on fabricating relays on an arrange of vectors that affect fabrication. Quality of components as well as equipment play a huge role.

Anywhere from an instant response if we are sitting at production site, or 30 days if we have to get out hands on the issue and move from that point on.

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